Yoplait Yoghurt Recipes

Every Kiwi kitchen needs a tub of Yoplait yoghurt - our yoghurt recipes give you fresh ideas for ways to use your Yoplait yoghurt products, so you can add some dairy goodness to every day. 
Our baking section contains a range of yoghurt recipes including muffins, cakes and chocolate mousse. Plus, our yoghurt recipes for icing gives you an alternative option for topping your cupcakes or cakes.  For entertaining, check out our dips and sauces with yoghurt. Recipes include tzatziki, raita, aioli and sauces  - all using the great taste of Yoplait yoghurt. And when you're dashing out the door, or just in need of an energy boost, our smoothie recipes using Yoplait yogurt will really hit the spot.



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